What Kills Fleas

Tips on What Kills Fleas

What Kills Fleas

A pest that is so tiny to see, can multiply so quickly and cause harm to both your pet and yourself is a very serious problem.  It takes anywhere from two weeks to a month’s time to kill off fleas.  Taking control of a flea problem requires a bit of effort on your behalf, but before turning to chemical-based products, see if you can solve your pesky problem with the following more natural way. 

1.    First you must check to see if your pet actually has fleas and to best do this would be with a flea comb.  With such a comb, you will be able to pick up the fleas and/or its feces (which is black in color).  You can determine if the black specs are flea feces by putting it on a paper towel and adding a few drops of water.  If you notice a reddish color starting to emerge around the black specs, that is confirmation that you have found flea feces.  That reddish color is essentially digested blood.  

2.    Using a cake pan or a pie pan, add some water covering the bottom of the pan and add approximately 1 tablespoon of dish detergent (Dawn works well).  By adding the detergent, this softens the water.  Place this pan under a night light on the floor.  Fleas are attracted to light and heat and will jump towards the light and ultimately land in the water and die. 

3.    Another product you can use instead of the water trapping device would be an electric flea trap.  Just plug it in closer to the area where your dog or cat usually walks and/or sleeps.  This will not rid you of fleas completely but will assist in your efforts.

4.    The worst thing you can do to get rid of fleas is to evacuate your home.  (The only time you should evacuate your home would be when using flea products that instruct you to do so.)  The flea eggs need the movement of you walking around in order for them to hatch into adults and then die from your efforts.  If they remain in their state of larvae, they will remain in your carpet, floors, furniture, etc. for a long time.  The only time you should vacate your home would be if you are using a product that requires you to stay out of the home for a duration of time.  Please always read the directions when using chemicals! 

5.    You need to either wash or destroy all of your pet’s bedding.

6.    Salt kills fleas in carpet!  Apply the salt to your carpet, especially in the areas your pet sleeps and/or likes to lay in.  Wait a week and then vacuum. 

7.    Vacuum, vacuum and vacuum some more…especially in the common areas where you pet sleeps!  This will remove fleas and eggs.  Another benefit to vacuuming is the eggs that do not get sucked up by the vacuum will get promoted to hatch from their eggs and thus come in contact to the insecticide residues that you have placed in the carpet. 

8.    Using Diatomaceous Earth.  This is an all-natural product which is comprised of fossilized skeletal remains of unicellular plants called diatoms (microscopic water plants like algae).  It looks like talcum powder.  DE will dehydrate the fleas and eventually they will die.  You can purchase DE at most garden suppliers.  Be especially careful when using DE as its dust can be harmful.  When using this product, be sure to have gloves and a dust mask.  Like with any products, please be certain to read all the directions before using.